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Multan powder with Paneer, add some curd and apply on face. After 20 minutes, wash your face and get the Beautiful face.

The skin on the face is severely affected by summer sunlight. This is always the face with a tired look.Cosmetic things, like sunscreen and lotion used to correct this can sometimes cause allergies.Hence, we have a look and detail to see how to produce a cream that is shining with natural ingredients that are available at home. Let’s go.

Summer Season Beauty Tips For Face 

During the summer, the level of melanin in the face increases. The beauty parlor does not have to go to prevent it. If you spend half an hour at home everyday, your face will be brush.

  • For some, the scarcity of the pimples on the face has become a black spot. The honey is very good to make this fine spot too.Also, honey is used to increase the color of the skin.Apply a clean honey face once a day, soak it for a while and then wash it off with cold water. Similarly, if you do a few days, the spots on the face will get rid of.

  • Some women face a brush. The eyes are very tired. This will spoil their beauty.So, we have a few tips to keep your eyes fresh.Grind the magnesium in a mixture with a mixture of 10 ml of ammonium. Save it in the airbag and put it in the frig. Whenever it’s time to get it on the eyes, after half an hour wash in cold water, get refreshing and cool. Furthermore, using a gloss, gently massaging around the eyes from the right to the left, from the left to the right, the eyes will give extra charm to the coli.

  • Apply a handkerchief piece by hand and apply on the face. If you wash it after a while, the face will be shiny.

  • Mix butterfood with banana paste and apply it on the skin. Take some time to soak and wash. Dermatitis is a remedy.

  • If the face is mixed with rose water, wash the face with cold water for 20 minutes and put it on the face.

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