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Best Medicine For Fever :

There are germs on the body, the body’s cells fight against antibiotics. Then your body will reach the hottest state. Name fever.Now our body is hot.

There are types of fever. Get the fever and go to the doctor and find out which fever is.

We’re going to look at forever Best Medicine And how to use the best one tips to avoid viral fever.

  1. Consume liquid foods.
  2. It is good to take clean water.
  3. Wash and cool with foil.
  4. Pepper powder Juice.
  5. Tulsi leaf extract.

  • During the fever, the options work slowly. Therefore, it is better to eat foods such as rice and get it. Eating foods that are easy to digest. Adding me is an opportunity to increase the fever.
  • Usually the fever comes to mind that you do not drink too much water. It’s something wrong. Well, if you drink well, it is good during the fever. Preventing the brain’s warming. Have hot water.
  • The females are boiled in water, and the fever is much more likely to be feverish quickly.
  • Peppers, 2 teas, garlic and honey are mixed in hot water, and the germs will be gone faster. Similarly pepper, tippili, pepper, and heal to eat in honey.
  • Tulsi plays an important role in eliminating the flu. Eating the leaves also helps in getting rid of mucus. It is also a beauty plant.

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