Top 10 Deep Fryer Safety Tips


There is a lot of way to hurt yourself while doing some work at home. However, most of the home accidents come from, believe it or not, misusing frying pans. That’s right, frying pans are your best friend in times of need, but be careful or they can become your worst enemies in a blink of an eye. For your safety, I have compiled a list of ten safety tips you should probably stick to when you are using your frying pan. You’re ready? Let’s start:

  1. Never drink alcohol before cooking – Ok, this one may be a little bit obvious but so many people doesn’t obey to this rule. When you’re influenced by alcohol, there is a great chance that you’re going to get forgetful. It take only a few moments for you to be distracted, and there it is. You have forgotten to turn off the frying pan, and yes, you’re in trouble.
  1. Always pay attention to the pan when it’s switched on – It’s pretty much explained in the tip no. 1 and anyway, it’s pretty self-explanatory.
  1. Always put less than one-third of oil – I don’t know if you’re informed but oil and heat aren’t very good combination. For example, I know some people who got seriously injured because they have put too much oil in their frying pan and it backfired badly.
  1. Be sure that machine is in a good condition – This one could prove to be very important. You should always check if every part of the frying pan is well adjusted and well assembled, because otherwise it can catch fire very easily.
  1. Do the right maintaining – If your machine isn’t well maintained, it can catch some dirt and it won’t be healthy to use. Oh and also, you must follow the instructions and keep it nice and clean if you don’t want to risk any malfunctions.
  1. Keep knives away from the frying pan – Yeah, I know, this one is maybe most obvious of them all, but please keep in mind that sometimes you’re doing things by routine and if your mind goes away for a moment, you must be very careful about what you’re holding in your hands.
  1. Never fix the machine by yourself – That’s right, you should never fix your frying pan by yourself. If anything goes wrong, always call the professional.
  1. Use only approved oils – There is a reason why exactly these oils are approved, and using any other can cause some serious damage to you or your frying pan.
  1. Leave oil to cool – Again, one tip about oil. This one deals with the oil after you finish using frying pan. Always leave oil to cool, don’t hurry. This way you’ll minimize the risk of it catching fire.
  1. Put food slowly – You’re not hurrying anywhere, so take it easy. When you’re in a rush, you can simply drop food by accident and then oil can come out and splash you. Believe me, outcome won’t be pretty.

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